The situation may arise when you want to wash and dry your clothes but the concern is space. If this is the case then you can use LG washer and dryer combo. It serves as an ideal solution to provide powerful washing and drying results without occupying much space. These appliances are powerful yet space-saving and compact alternatives to traditional washers and dryers.

Each LG washer-dryer combo is meticulously treated for the amount of a load of laundry that fits into the huge drum. Also, other aspects being focused on are the number of various wash programs, the noise level of the spin cycle, and the implementation of other special technologies. Direct drive motor technology from LG guarantees protection of your laundry against wear & tear more efficiently than other washer-dryer combos in the market. This is accomplished by matching the amount of laundry to the number of kg of laundry in the drum and type of laundry. The following review helps you to get the best LG washer and dryer combo that best fits your needs.

List of The Best LG Washer and Dryer Combo

Check out the thorough reviews of the best LG washer and dryer combo in 2023 below.

1. LG WM3488HW Washer And Dryer Combo with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

LG WM3488HW Washer And Dryer Combo with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

LG WM3488HW is the best all-in-one LG washer and dryer combo on this list owing to its high washing and drying efficiency, and ease of use. If you live in an apartment or small house where there is a space concern, you can set up this LG 24 inch washer-dryer combo.

At just 24 inches of width, it saves space around yet assures efficient washing and drying results. The 2.3 cu. ft. capacity is adequate to get your laundry done flawlessly. No need to carry out multiple loads of laundry. Without compromising on capacity, you will enjoy the convenience of washing and drying your laundry on daily basis.

It uses ventless condensing to dry out your clothes without any need for external venting. All your delicate clothes will be washed and dried softly and perfectly. The advanced technology features are implemented in wash cycles to ensure efficient cleaning of different types of clothes. All these advanced features perform quietly and flawlessly. The built-in direct drive motor comes with 10 years of manufacturer warranty. It gives great confidence in the quality. This compact washer-dryer combo is perfect for apartments, condos, or small spaces at just 24 inches in width.

Key Features

  • 6 motion technology uses a maximum of 6 unique wash motions to convey a smart cleaning experience. It ensures zero damage to your clothes and also maximizes washing performance.
  • TubClean Cycle leads to hassle-free periodic maintenance so that the washer stays fresh. This cycle uses water jets and powerful heat (up to 149°) to disinfect the tub and make sure your high-performing washer stays in excellent condition.
  • The SmartDiagnosis feature allows the service center to diagnose issues over the phone or via a simple app on a smartphone. This will reduce cost and avoid annoying service calls.
  • List of 14 wash programs includes bulky/large, cotton/normal, baby wear,, hand wash/wool, delicates, tub clean, speed wash, wash+dry, drain+spin, sanitary, sports wear, heavy duty, and downloaded course.
  • The LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system decreases vibration and washer noise to guarantee quiet and smooth performance in any room of the home.
  • The access location is front load and the operating voltage is 110V.
  • The dimensions and weight of this combo unit are respectively 25.5 x 24 x 33.5 inches and 150 pounds.

Pros And Cons


  • Compact design and quiet operation
  • TrueBalance anti-vibration system
  • 14 wash programs ensure efficient washing results for all types of clothes
  • Heats water to 158°F for tough stains and bacteria removal
  • TubClean Cycle looks after proper maintenance of this combo unit


  • No steam setting

2. LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo with 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity

LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer And Dryer Combo with 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity

Do you want a large washer and dryer combo that can efficiently wash as well as quickly dry your clothes? If yes then this LG WM3998HBA washer and dryer combo can be a perfect choice for you. It has a ultra large capacity with 4.5 Cu.ft. and regardless of the types of clothes, it doesn’t take much time for drying.

If you don’t have access to external venting then no need to worry. This LG all-in-one washer-dryer combo is implemented with ventless condensing. As a result, it will dry your clothing without any need for external venting. You can download the ThinQ app to regulate your washer/dryer anytime, anywhere. From your phone, you can begin the wash cycles, supervise time remaining, and more.

Key Features

  • The load capacity is 4.5 cu. ft.
  • LG’s TurboWash technology reduces your wash time by up to 30 minutes.
  • 6 Wash Motions are included to maximize cleaning performance.
  • ColdWash technology uses cold water and improved washing motions to go through deep into fabrics. This feature provides you with cold water savings along with warm water performance.
  • The IMEF is 2.4.
  • The list of wash programs includes normal, Heavy Duty, Bright Whites, Bedding, Allergiene, Sanitary, Towels, Tub Clean, Perm.Press, Delicates, Sportswear, Speed Wash, Downloaded, and Drain+Spin.
  • The list of available options includes Fresh Care, Steam, Delay Wash, Cold Wash, Wi-Fi, Remote Start, Rinse+Spin, TurboWash, Add Garments, Extra Rinse, Pre-wash, and Control Lock.
  • Wash/Rinse temperature levels are namely Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, and Tap Cold.
  • A total number of spin speeds is 5. They are namely Extra High, High, Medium, Low, and No Spin.
  • The maximum RPM of the built-in Inverter Direct Drive motor (with horizontal axis) is 1300.
  • List of Fabric Care Features includes TurboWash® 2.0 Technology, Steam Technology, Allergiene Cycle, Sanitary Cycle, ColdWash Option, and SenseClean System.
  • Convenience features implemented are a 4-tray dispenser, End of Cycle Signal, LoadSense, and TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System.
  • Other features are Child Lock, Auto Suds Removal, and Easy Loading TilTub.
  • The access location is front load and The human interface input is buttons.
  • The dimensions and weight of this combo unit are respectively 41.75 (L) x 31.5 (W) x 29.5 (H) inches and 213.8 pounds.

Pros And Cons


  • Quiet when operating
  • Its various features are easy to control from the ThinQ app
  • Gives a notification via an app when clothes are clean
  • Extremely large capacity makes it suitable for large families
  • Multiple fabric care features removes worries about the damage to clothes


  • Expensive

3. LG WM3555HWA Smart Washer And Dryer with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

LG WM3555HWA Smart Washer And Dryer with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

Now you can wash large laundry items and do less laundry with this LG WM3555HWA washer and dryer combo. It packs in 2.4 cubic feet capacity that is adequate to handle laundry of the entire family. The NeveRust stainless steel drum is spacious and durably built. There is no vibration throughout the operation because the unit is implemented with TrueBalance anti-vibration system.

This all-in-one ventless washer and dryer combo is implemented with TurboWash technology. The sensor dry technology leads to efficient drying regardless of the type of clothes. Being Wi-Fi enabled and with the implementation of ThinQ technology, you can access various features from anywhere, anytime. The design highlights a tempered glass door with a chrome trim finish that boasts an elegant look.

Key Features

  • The speed of built-in Direct Drive Motor speed is 1400 RPM.
  • The list of wash cycles includes Normal, Bulky/Large, Heavy Duty, Baby Wear, Allergiene, Baby Wear, Tub Clean, Perm.Press, Steam Refresh, Delicates, Wash+Dry, DrainSpin, Speed Wash, and Downloaded.
  • The available Wash/Dry options are Wrinkle Care, Steam, TurboWash, Waterless Dry, Delay Wash, Extra Rinse, Dry, Heavy soil, Wi-Fi, Signal, Remote Start, Control Lock, and Pre-wash.
  • The built-in AI Fabric Sensor lets you get rid of constant toggling or sorting through the cycle. It uses advanced AI technology to sense load size and fabric texture. Consequently, it automatically chooses the appropriate temperatures, drying motion, etc. for proper fabric care.
  • Sensor Dry technology senses moisture levels and automatically varies drying time for loads irrespective of their sizes. This technology removes concerns about over-drying and over-damped clothes.
  • Wash/Rinse temperature levels are namely Extra Hot, Hot, Warm, Cold, and Tap Cold.
  • The total number of spin speeds is 4. They are namely High, Medium, Low, and No Spin.
  • The total number of soil levels is 5.
  • ThinQ technology is implemented with features like SmartDiagnosis™ (v3.0), Remote Start and Cycle Monitor, Tub Clean Coach, Energy Monitoring, and WiFi.
  • Fabric Care features include TurboWash® 2.0 Technology, Steam Technology, Allergiene™ Cycle, and, Sanitary Cycle.
  • Easy Loading TilTub feature is implemented.

Pros And Cons


  • 4 spin speeds help you to customize the washing operation based on the cloth type
  • Energy Star certification indicates energy-efficient operation
  • Multiple intelligence features are implemented for fabric care
  • No over-drying issues


  • Smaller capacity than some other brand models

What To Look For When Picking LG Washer and Dryer Combo?

Your buying decision for an LG washer and dryer combo becomes straightforward if you take into account the following aspects.

1. Size

Though these washer-dryer combos usually save space, they come in various sizes. Certain models are 27 inches in width and this is the standard size. Some other models are 24 inches wide that can be accommodated into a narrow space. Before purchasing the one, it is recommended to first measure the space where you want to set it up. Doing this not only ascertains that the unit will fit perfectly but also ascertains that you can comfortably do your laundry.

2. Capacity

Certain washer and dryer combos provide efficient washing and drying results but they lack in terms of wash load capacity. One vital consideration to take into account is that these appliances can’t handle very huge wash loads as handled by traditional washers.

Usually, LG washer and dryer combos come with capacities ranging from 1.6 cubic feet to 4.3 cubic feet. You need to choose the one that can perfectly handle the wash load of laundry typically generated in your household. Remember that the bigger the capacity, the pricier it would be. The capacity of 4.5 cubic feet is more than sufficient for larger families. Irrespective of the size and capacity, these combos come with a generous choice of cycles to select from. These include heavy-duty settings, quick cycles, power, and cleanliness, steaming and sanitizing for every speed, etc.

3. Ventless or vented washer-dryer combos

One of the key considerations is whether to choose a ventless model or a vented model. The vented washer and dryer combos need to be set up close to a window for ventilation. On the other hand, ventless versions can be conveniently set up anywhere in the home. Generally, ventless washer and dryer combos are slightly pricier.

4. Drying time

These combo units don’t dry in the same way as traditional dryers do. They use a kind of condensation drying technology that needs less energy but takes more time to dry your laundry. The average drying cycle can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. It is also vital to remember that these combos usually only dry half of their maximum wash load capacities.

5. Efficiency

Generally, these washer and dryer combos come with adequate space to wash and dry approx. 10 pounds of laundry. With careful research, you can find a combo unit with bigger drums that allow you to wash fewer loads and utilize less energy. When it comes to washing and drying efficiency, you need to focus on features like available washer-dryer options, fabric care features, and included programs. Also, it is better to choose the one which is energy star certified.

6. Washer & Dryer Cycles

The top-quality washer and dryer combos come with multiple cycle settings and can clean your clothes without damaging them. For instance, they come with separate cycles for normal clothes, baby wears, sanitary clothes, etc. Also, you can find some washer and dryer combos with separate wash cycles for washing those clothes with delicate fabrics. Certain washer dryer combos come with only one or two dryer settings whereas other allows you to adjust the temperature based on the type of fabric.

7. Additional features

All of these washer dryer combos come with automatic dispensers which release detergent at the appropriate time during the wash cycle. The majority of them also contain a lock that prevents child access to the unit when it’s operating. Another additional feature found in many of these combos is the digital display which shows the inputs, outputs, and the process taking place during a cycle.

Only a few LG washer and dryer combos come with an automatic load sensor that helps you to fill the drum with an adequate amount of water depending on the load size.  You can research and buy a combo with multiple water temperature options.

How does LG Washer and Dryer Combo work?

Though LG washer and dryer combos might appear like typical washers or dryers, these appliances work uniquely. Firstly, they don’t require a dryer vent because they utilize condensation drying. It implies that instead of ejecting heat through a vent, they utilize heat to filter through the load before it goes across a heat exchanger.

Contrasting to regular washers and dryers, these combo units make use of the standard 110V power. Hence, you need not plug them into any special outlet. Compared to regular washers and dryers, these LG washer and dryer combos are quite smaller and lightweight. With the wheels, you can easily move them around the home. The portability is one of the prominent reasons why these combo units are extremely popular in small living spaces and apartments.

Once you have filled up the combo unit with the load and added the detergent, the dryer unit sends messy laundry across the same cycle that you would get with a conventional washer. Significantly, the difference is that instead of requiring to transfer wet clothes into a separate dryer, the dryer cycle would start immediately. So, it saves you effort.

Contrasting to a regular dryer that channels warm air into your laundry before expelling it out into the room, the design of the drying system in LG washer and dryer combos is sealed. It implies that it extracts moisture from your clothes before cooling things down through a heat exchanger. Hence, you need not fret over air vents excessively.

Final Thoughts

These LG washer and dryer combos are equipped with the latest technologies in washing and drying. The best LG washer and dryer combo is an outstanding choice for saving space around. These appliances save energy yet guarantee efficient washing and drying results. The drying cycle commences immediately after the washing cycle. So, they save you time and effort. Despite boasting space-saving designs, they come with adequate capacity that allows you to wash most of your laundry at once.

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